For Mockup Jam 2023, I decided to make a mockup-of-a-prototype-of-a-concept, to test the viability of an idea I might want to make later in the month for Bullet Hell Jam 2023.

FIRE\WORK would be a CAVE-style danmaku, inspired by a world I've been working on for a different game project. Ideally, the final version would likely have pre-rendered 3d characters (like ESPRaDe), more elaborate and clean dithering and texture usage (like Guwange), and looping background spaces (like Touhou).

I'd intended to also do a boss scene mockup and story mockup, but ran out of time (and decided to just relax instead.) This doesn't represent a real game, and there are lots of things about it I'd like to fix. But it was a great learning experience for what I do/don't want the final project to look like. We'll see when Bullet Hell Jam rolls around.

These are not available for use, all rights reserved by me, etc.