A downloadable game

(formerly known as FamilyGemeton) is a


occult card game, styled after mysterious Famicom/NES games.

GEMETON is a Double Action Pack-In-Cart with two exciting modes:

DIVINATION (for One Player)
Come along on a guided journey through the dark, around the eight ways. Meet the 72 soldiers, nobles, and royals of the Goetic Tarot and seek their chaotic wisdom on dreams and realities. Let yourself be guided. Or just enjoy the walk. Featuring a state-of-the-art password save system so you can recall your favourite tales from within the eightfold path, and a codex to collect your finest dark friends.

A quiet fortune-telling engine with generative story, art, and mystery.

HIERARCHY (for Two Players)
After walking among the many ways, sit down with a friend, and play a game of cards and kings. Strategize over the realms, and lay claim to the dark lands with the flip of a card. Select in secret, read your opponent, and take the crown.

A fast-paced territory-control card game about second guesses and hard reads.

Gemeton (is/is not) to be taken seriously. When I tell you (to/not to) take it seriously, I do so knowing that I have no control over whether you take it seriously, or whether you don't.
The truth is inflexible, but we are not.